Show me your betta tanks

Betta's, Gouramis etc
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Show me your betta tanks

Post by piker »

Need some inspiration for setting a betta tank up,show me your tanks please.
I know about the low flow and diet requirements just layout ideas.

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RE: Show me your betta tanks

Post by fr499y »

Casper's Tank


Barry's Tank
Hiding bottom left of the tank!


Top is 20L and the bottom is 55L :)

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RE: Show me your betta tanks

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Out still unnamed betta, tank :D
Still a work in progress by all accounts :D
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RE: Show me your betta tanks

Post by Stevieglasgow »

This was my betta set up now being used as a shrimp and celestial pearl danio fry tank.Image

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RE: Show me your betta tanks

Post by Jen1981 »

It’s Changed a lot since This picture, there’s now a coconut cave instead on the tube & a lot more plants but this was taken in the first week after moving Bob into his own tank

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Betta Splendens (Kung Fu Bob), Nerite snail, Salt & Pepper Pygmy Cory
100l (I think.....)
2 Fancy Goldfish (2 Ronnie’s) & their 2 snail friends, Woody & Buzz

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