Chocolate gourami sexing

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Chocolate gourami sexing

Post by piker »

Anyone sex this chocolate gourami,it has really coloured up over the last month or so with white edges to its fins with more pointed dorsal and tail.It is also being a bit of a pain chasing the other two to the back of the tank.
I'm thinking its make,just wondering if anyone can confirm.


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Re: Chocolate gourami sexing

Post by plankton »

Looks male to me, especially if it's quite streamlined rather than chunky. ;)

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Re: Chocolate gourami sexing

Post by Martinspuddle »

It's so long since I'd kept Sphaerichthys osphromenoides, I seem to remember it something to do with the shape of the mouth. I had look it up to be sure! :D

Sexual Dimorphism
Adult males exhibit a uniformly straight lower jaw profile and an overall more acuminate head shape than females, in which the lower jaw is slightly rounded due to the presence of distensible skin that is expanded during mouthbrooding (see ‘Reproduction’).

Other characters such as possession of relatively longer/more pointed unpaired fins or more intense colours in males do not appear to be applicable in all cases. This may be related to geographic variance, i.e., collection locality but this remains unconfirmed at present. ... omenoides/
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