Balloon molly fry

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Balloon molly fry

Post by Sampagne »

Hi guys I’m new to forum using and please don’t judge, basically I’ve got one male balloon molly and two females... and they keep having dry constantly, I already have a nursery tank upstairs with some babies in... and now the cycle has started again and the babies are having babies ‍♂‍♂‍♂ Is there anything I can do, as today in my main tank my balloon mollie has literally given birth to 25 babies..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Balloon molly fry

Post by Gingerlove05 »

I had this issue with my platies. We had a fry run of around 2 years, after a while we had to stop catching the fry and started separating the males and females and found we had to start moving them on around/just before 4 months old (around the time they show dimorphism and can reproduce). Our lfs also took some off our hands, they might give you store credit. But we advertised ours on gumtree free to good homes and vetted anyone who got in contact to make sure they were going to good homes not uncycled tanks or for feeder fish :S

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