Complete disaster - help needed

Just started on your fishy adventures, ask for help in here.
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Re: Complete disaster - help needed

Post by Martinspuddle »

Greetings. :]

Like your algae farm! :grin:
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Re: Complete disaster - help needed

Post by plankton »

Welcome to the forum. :)
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Re: Complete disaster - help needed

Post by baggins67 »

As said above clean out as much as possible , full blackout for three days and check longer if needed :-). No feeding during this period.. Once done do another water change then seriously cut back on lighting to no more than 6 hours, cut back on feeding, and make sure no direct sunlight hitting tank from windows as this can cause a serious algae break out too.. :-)

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Re: Complete disaster - help needed

Post by Jon_D »

Hi Joanna, I was also a newbie, only 7 months ago, and made many errors. Fortunately I found this forum and followed the advice given. My own tank went through the "algae" problem, but not to the same extent; however once it was cured, I have had no worries in that area for the past 5 months. As "BADDAMS" sugegsted..." Having lots of plants will compete with the algae...." Real plants soak up the Nitrates which are part of the "cycling" system, and are the result of the fish having a "poo" as well as decaying food particles. A fast growing variety which I am using is "Elodea Densa"; another is Pogostemon erectus, and of course Java moss which covers the substrate. A problem with artifical plants is that there is alwasy the possibility that fish may injure themselves on the hard exterior of these items. Have fun as this is a great and rewarding hobby, and we have some real experts on this forum to help us benefit from it.
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Re: Complete disaster - help needed

Post by WinterRose73 »

How is your tank going now, did you get the algae sorted out?
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