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RallyMatt’s 60L Cube: Bora Beach [emoji267]
Water change day again yesterday and we’re still having CO2 issues.

No matter how much I turn the bubble counter up I am just unable to reduce the PH down more than 7 when I am aiming for 6.5-6.8.

Still very dubious over the cheap Chinglish diffuser too as I found a few loses yesterday which after checking for Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrate everything seems fine so am a little confused. There was nothing noticeable on the bodies so can only presume they’ve been gassed out?

I am welcome to suggestions if anyone has any ideas or experience with this and running CO2.

For now I will leave the CO2 off and see how the rasboras get on, however I am getting tempted to change my idea on the 200L and maybe move the rasboras over and continue the community setup in it.

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60L Nano Cube - Bora Beach - Red Mosquito Rasboras.
200L Fluval - Community tank ready for a major revamp??!!
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I'd highly recommend these diffusers, as good as a bazooka when it comes to tiny bubbles!
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Thanks Fr499y,

I’m actually in two minds whether to keep the CO2 on the 60L at the moment. It’d be cheaper and easier to throw on to the 200L which already has an external filter which I can pop an inline diffuser in for £25.

All the other tank levels seem fine using the hob on the 60L so I can only presume it’s down to the CO2.

Need to have a think about what’s best now I think. May have to heavily plant the 60L instead which is a pain as typically I’ve just finished the sea effect!! Lol!

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60L Nano Cube - Bora Beach - Red Mosquito Rasboras.
200L Fluval - Community tank ready for a major revamp??!!
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Keep the sea and a little bit of beach just have jungle instead of grassy sand dunes Big Grin
500L Sooperhooge Goldfish tank Smile
12L The Startank Aquaprise rofl 2 Batman Snails, 2 Nerite snails.
200L The Barbarium….STILL cycling!
20L Nano Marine.....stocking in progress!
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After getting home from work and doing some deeper investigations there have been a few changes here at Bora Beach. (With a possible name change appearing soon???)

Doing a few more tests with the CO2 turned off for 24hrs shows the PH has risen up to 8 where as our tap water sits around 7.2-7.5. When having a deeper look I found more losses so something can’t be right with the cheap diffuser so will remove the CO2 off this tank and most likely swap the kit over to the 200L using a JBL inline diffuser on the external filter.

In the meantime the remaining Rasboras have been teleported to the Aquaprise while I sort a few things in here. There are a few rocks I want to secure in as well as clear the diatoms which seem keen in hanging around. So the water level has been dropped and some anti algae added for a week or three. I’ve also added a powerhead just off centre to help flow around the plants while using the treatment. I will continue with the light cycle but worst case will do a three day total black out.

[Image: 90630b78aa29ccaab9e563c186a57ce2.jpg]

Since having the Rasboras in this tank they do seem to hide away a lot so have decided to change the original plan for the 200L and move them in to it instead. I have a few other thoughts for the beach but it will definitely be back!

... kind of frustrating really as the sea effect is almost dry enough to test dip in the bucket... Oh well, the joys of fish keeping eh?!!

[Image: 8b9ecf0e89e10928052f63117565191f.jpg]

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60L Nano Cube - Bora Beach - Red Mosquito Rasboras.
200L Fluval - Community tank ready for a major revamp??!!
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