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Tank updated - Any tips
Hi Guys,

So i’ve had a bit of a rejig in the tank! with the idea of making it more interesting and getting plants in there.
I would really like some thoughts before I get the plants going.

The wife wanted me to change the background colour so that is now black instead of blue - she wanted it stand out less as its in the lounge! shes not a massive fan. I’ve also added a big piece of bogwood which I love, it gives the fish some interesting places to go. I’ve also added a couple of pieces of dragon stone.

What do we think of these? Ive deliberately stuck the wood like that as the back left is a straight cut and back is very flat.
I’m not massively sure about the placement of the rocks?!?

I’ve tried to keep to this rule of thirds thing - well my understanding of it! and lean the rocks.
I’m intending to keep the focal point round the centre left. The white bits of slate are in to hold down the wood as its floating. I've done a week of soaking but still doing it so obviously needs longer.

I’ve put in some soil under the gravel so I can plant mostly throughout.
I’ve left space on the right hand side to create a beach sort of look with moss running across the gravel to the left.
I’m thinking of getting amazon swords for the back to get some height in there.

I was intending on having a more elevated side to create some depth but unfortunately I can’t switch the intake and outtake due to positioning under the cabinet. Could/should I cut the intake down a bit to allow for more of slant on that side.

I could still do this as I have some more gravel but wanted to know it's fine to cut down the intake or should I leave it lower.

Cheers guys. Feel a lot better about this effort and i'm sure when some green is in there it will look better too.
Obviously want to make it as good as I can so i'm all ears!

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That’s a great start, once the greenery is in it will look different again. I think you’ll be able to see better once the white holding rocks are removed. Looks very interesting Smile
Bikini Bottom - 168l - community
The Kremlin - 58l - Shrimp and Cory 
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When you add plants you will have to decide liquid ferts or Co2, your tank looks great that's how mine started with bog wood and dragon stone.
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I think it looks pretty good Smile

You can use the plants to create depth rather than slanting the substrate if that's not a possibility.
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(18-04-2019, 08:17 PM)Pleco Fan Wrote: When you add plants you will have to decide liquid ferts or Co2, your tank looks great that's how mine started with bog wood and dragon stone.

I think i'll probably go with liquid option as Co2 seems more involved and costly.

Could you recommend any products and methods?
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