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I've been looking at Purigen thinking I might use it later when the permanent incumbents arrive. The filter is foam with a cut out in the middle that originally had carbon but is now empty.  It's about 10x6x4cm with a 3cm diameter "hole" in the centre which goes almost to the bottom and has a plug which originally prevented the carbon from entering the pump. Would that space be sufficient for a 65lt tank or would it be better to remove the foam and just use Purigen? From what I've read it's a replacement for foam, or have I read wrong?
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Purigen is a water clarifier not a filter media so definitely don’t replace any of the sponges/other media. The hole in the middle sounds like a good place for it to go if it will fit. I believe the stuff comes in bags to put in a filter. Not sure if it would fit though.

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"Purigen is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product." From their website.

It adsorbs organis polltants but eventually cannot adsorb anymore. It then needs to be recharged and that process is a bit of a hassle.

It's not a replacement for filter media as Chelt says, but it can be used alongside it to augment it.

On their website they've got loads of info, FAQ's etc.
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You need some space in the filter, it will normally fit where the supplied carbon sponge (or whatever is supplied) goes.
I only use it on one tank that suddenly went cloudy (after about 17 years) and I couldn't clear it with clean-ups or water changes, so it isn't always needed.
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