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Re-sealing a Tank
I have had my custom tank for a good fifteen years now and the sealing needs to be re-done, no matter how i type into google 'Silicone' it will show silicone tubes with antifungal in it or mould resistant, which to me means that it has an antifungal in it, am i right?.

I know that the silicone has to have no antifungal in it but i am not willing to pay £10 a tube due to how many i will need and being an OAP, (nearly) can not afford to, I have watched loads of youtube clips on how and what to do and use and feel quite confident that I can do it but finding the right silicone used without any antifungal is becoming a pain in the neck.  Angry

Any links to the right silicone to use or the name of a good cheap silicone that is obtainable in the UK would help greatly as I would love to get this project started, plus I miss my planted tank and the joy it brought to the room.

Thanks for any help.

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Everbuild Aqua Mate, HA6, Soudal Silirub AQ.

Just to name 3 very good ones Smile My sump was repaired using the Silirub AQ.

Like you say though, most will set you back about £8-10 a tube
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Big Grin Thanks for that, Everbuild I can get some on Ebay for £6.70 a tube postage included, but it looks like the HA6 is the winner at £4.19 with free postage, better than the £8.99+ I have been seeing. Big Grin
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Just remember to have plenty of ventilation!

Might be telling you how to suck eggs, but make sure the surfaces are clean, put the silicone on the glass and leave it for 5 minutes, then press onto the other pane of glass. Advice i was given years ago by a tank builder Smile ( re the silicone )
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I will be doing a lot of home work before I start to do the resealing, as it is not a standard custom shape tank, the structure will have to remain intact as it will be a tremendous task to put back together, but it will go under great scrutiny before any silicone go's near it.

The cleaning out of the old seal will have to get past how picky I am going to be with it, already have micro cloth for the alcohol, (not have yet), some HA6 silicone on the way from Ebay  Big Grin on the price, tools I already had.

Also looking at upgrading my Co2 unit, was running a DIY unit for three years, a lot of maintenance involved to keep the plants healthy, so looking to lower that a little with an upgraded version.

The lid needs a rebuild as it is getting on a bit, the only item that I had to build for it fifteen years ago and made it a little to snug, already have the new lid built in my head, so no probs there.

I will keep this post updated with the progress when it all kicks off.
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Sounds very interesting. Do get some pictures if you’re able to!
500L Sooperhooge Goldfish tank containing 10 gorgeous goldies Smile
12L The Startank Aquaprise rofl Batman Snails X2, 1 Horned Nerite, 1 Tracked Nerite
200L The Barbarium….currently cycling!
20L Nano Marine.....just about ready for stock!
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