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Hey everyone. Tank is getting on well. Have a 180L juwel Rio. Well planted with a large central driftwood. I currently have 7 rummy nose and 4 black phantoms. I would love to add some angelfish, even just 2. im getting mixed reports on the compatibility of these tetras and angelfish. Any tips?
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Angel fish are cichlids which is why the mixed reports. Cichlids are so different in their behaviour, that you might be perfectly fine or you might be giving the angels ( if you get them ) a nice filling dinner.
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Yea I have heard some people very pro the idea and others very against it. Would you recommend any bigger more peachful South American fish that wouldn't be as likely to irritate or eat the tetras?
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(10-06-2019, 11:59 AM)matt_ferg Wrote: Yea I have heard some people very pro the idea and others very against it. Would you recommend any bigger more peachful South American fish that wouldn't be as likely to irritate or eat the tetras?

Apistogrammas tend to be relatively peaceful with other fish (If they are mating they can get a bit territorial) or Bolivian Rams, same again for them.

Both of the above are cichlids though so again, like Fr499y says, you can get aggressive ones, although I would say the two I mentioned compared to Angelfish are peaceful.

I am currently keeping both with tetras (Embers, Cardinals & Rummy Nose). I would say your two tetras are "big" tetras so they will be fine in my view.
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Before I forget, keyhole cichlids are one of the most friendliest ones I've kept. If anything, they are easily scared and are very shy!
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Angels should be fine if the tetras are too big to eat, so if you get them as juveniles they should be ok. But being cichlids, if they decide to breed they could cause chaos.

I agree Keyholes are one of the most peaceful cichlids, as are the Laetacaras (flag cichlids). And Rainbow Cichlids (Herotilapia) if your water isn’t too soft/acid.
I don't keep fish, I keep water. Water keeps fish.
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