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Well priced breeding / grow out tanks uk
Hi everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster

I’m currently setting up my new fish room with the aim to breed discus and African cichlids.

I’m currently looking for some smaller tanks for breeding and for growing the fry out.

I always get jealous seeing our American friends buying these kind of tanks in the dollar per gallon sale they do in petco.

I was wondering if there is anything similar here in the UK? Or potentially in Europe that I could get shipped to me at a fair price.

I am looking at the second hand market also however I would prefer new so I would have a more uniform look and it would be more space efficient and easier to plan for with the same tanks.


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Clearseal tanks. Next to nothing in comparison and good quality. I've been using them for years. a 48"x18"x12" will set you back about £140
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Yeah you can get also get the diversa guardian glass tanks on eBay new, I think 112l going for £99, just an example they’re free delivery with a good range of sizes. Also local fish stores usually have ex display tanks at massively reduced costs that they don’t show on their websites
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Cool that sounds good, do you know the best place to buy them? I know I’ve seen them in pets at home before but they don’t appear to be on their website anymore.
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I’ve seen those diversa tanks also which do look pretty good too
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I think I’m going to go the clearseal route
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  • fr499y, Jen1981
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Hello and welcome to the site, keep us posted on your progress sounds a great project !
Oh ,..and we like updates with pics too Wink
Enjoy the forum.
Bikini Bottom - 168l - community
The Kremlin - 58l - planted WIP
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(08-07-2019, 10:09 AM)Justanotherfishkeepr Wrote: I think I’m going to go the clearseal route

I would, they been around for long enough to trust Tongue I'm using two of them at the moment Smile
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Thanks, will keep you updated on my progress!
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