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Fish Dilemma HELP!
So, as the story goes "my fish are dying and I don't know why".

Over the last few weeks I've had about 30% of my fish die through what I thought were unknown circumstances. Water readings all fine, regular water changes etc. It wasn't until I saw a dead panda Molly in the tank with ripped fins that I realised it was our RTS causing the problem. Returned him to our LFS and the problem seemed solved, or so I thought.

Woke up this morning to find out pearl gourami and one of our little platys dead. As seen from the photos it isn't too pretty. (Platy originally was full orange with just a black stripe on his back) [Image: uiKZr5gl.jpg] do[Image: 2Bek71al.jpg]

With the fish dying recently we added 2female guppy and 1 male to the tank when returning the RTS. (Could this be the problem?)

Total tank stock:
1 large common plec(9") 
2 bristlenose(1albino) 
3 female guppy 1 male
6 platys (1 small 5 about 1 inch in length)
1 silver gourami 

Thanks in advance,

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Should probably add, 250l 4ft tank
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I don't know what music you had in mind but my brain automatically rendered "my fish are dying and I don't know why" to the tune of 'Grim travellers' by Bruce Cockburn. Kinda fits, reading the rest of your story!

My instinct, especially given the photo of the gourami, is to assume that fish dying now have given up the struggle against injuries and/or other stressors sustained while the RT(B)S was still in the community.

One tactic used by aggressive fish is to repeatedly ram their victims where most damage would be caused to vital organs. Your gourami may well be evidencing this. 

The auto-immune systems of all fish that the shark had been harrassing would have been compromised through stress and they now may be vulnerable to nasties that they would just shrug off in their non-stressed state.

If newly-introduced (and properly-acclimatised) fish were dropping, then I'd be concerned about an aggressive pathogen in the tank. I don't think it's worth taking pre-emptive action, such as medicating. 

Others' opinions may differ, of course!
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Oh, sorry - welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to .

I'm not much help on this subject, The platy doesn't look too strange but the gourami looks like its had an ulcer.
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I agree with V!, the damage may have been done by the plec following death, but do have a question.....
Is your water hard or soft as the livebearers need hard water, and the gourami will do far better in soft?
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Oh sorry you come to the site with sad news Sad
Hopefully you’ll get some answers and things will be sorted soon.
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Water parameters? Smile

Common plecs are armour-plated, and it’s rough and sharp. And they’re extremely powerful fish that could easily kill or injure any of those tankmates, even accidentally. A big plec with small fish means its only a matter of time before there are casualties. Especially at night, and especially if it’s chasing the Bristlenoses, because commons are usually very territorial.
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Thank you everyone for the hasty replies!

Not too sure how to tag someone as such but Vale! Thank you, yes it seems only the older fish seemed to be dropping, all newcomers fine and eating well etc.. yes totally makes sense in terms of immune systems being damaged!

Plankton, sorry I'm not too sure.. how would be the best way to check this?

Black ghost, I can read the testing strip tonight and let you know parameters of the water?
Yes I understand what you mean with plec, he's rock hard!(no derogatory terms intended!) As soon as the light goes to blue led he's out and about. No the bristlenoses seem happy as Larry and are the fastest growing in the tank!(mainly because they aren't dying.) The common has his area under the driftwood and the bristlenoses tend to live ON the driftwood, even sometimes feeding on the commons back!! So not a problem there.
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[Image: eg4CzeDl.jpg][Image: qq4vThzl.jpg]UPDATE: got home from work today to find one of the new guppy's dead being eaten by the albino bristlenose.. Any advice please would be great.

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