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Air pump for fish room
Hi guys and girls,

You may have seen from my previous post I’m starting a discuss breeding project at home.

To get going I’m going to need 10 sponge filters.

Could anyone recommend a good air pump for this (the quieter the better)

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[In case you're confused, I've deleted your duplicate thread!]
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its the bubbles that make the noise. Personally i would go with jet lifters ( more expensive ) but do a much better job.
Eheim pumps tend to be the way to go!

[Image: Tower.jpg]
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Cool I’ve not seen these before? Would they work well in a small breeding tank?
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Also is the airation from sponge filters not beneficial? Would that be lost using this kind?
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depends on 'small' Smile they work really well as they create finer bubbles, which make less noise and allow more water to flow up. Only downside is they are a bit more money ( without the sponges ). It's only my opinion but if i was setting up breeding tanks i would certainly opt for HMF filters with jet lifters.
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So to start with my set up s going to be 2 breeding tanks 24” x 18” x 12” then 2 grow out tanks 48” x 18” x 12”.

Would these work?
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Cool I will look into them. See if I can get a good price.
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They don’t seem overly expensive, the only drawback I can see would be each needing their own power supply and extra energy usage.
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Also, I made an error with the grow out tank size as they are going to be 48 x 18 x 15, but I’m sure it will still be all good!
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(09-07-2019, 04:09 PM)Justanotherfishkeepr Wrote: They don’t seem overly expensive, the only drawback I can see would be each needing their own power supply and extra energy usage.

There air powered so same idea as the sponge filters you buy for a couple quid
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Ah excellent. Will most likely go for these then.
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