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so i had 2 adult fish to start with 1 died
about 6 months ago so was left with 1 fish 
4 months later a baby fish appeared 
2 months after that 7 more baby fish have appeared 

i have no idea whats happening
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Sorry to hear that!! What fish do you have?
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Must be live bearers... guppies, platties? Do you know what kind of fish they were?
I'm the worst person to be offering any basic info as I have never kept them but my little bit of knowledge is that females are usually pregnant when you get them and they can keep producing offspring for up to six months.
I'm sure someone else will soon be along to explain Smile
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not sure what type of fish it is
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Can you get photos?
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im currently trying to upload a photo but having no luck with it i will keep trying
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Yeah I’m the same as Sarah, I’ve never owned or know much about livebearers but looks like a Platy or a Molly?
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Yep. Either a platy or molly. I think maybe platy. They are livebearers and as said above can hold sperm from a male for 6 months or so. They will keep on breeding so if you don't have space to house them you should look to move them on either to a local fish shop or gumtree etc.
500L Sooperhooge Goldfish tank Smile
200L The Barbarium….Tiger barbs and a very grumpy BN plec
200L Marine Reef.....stocking in progress!
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Hello and welcome Smile
It looks like a platy to me. The common livebearers (guppies,mollys, platys, swordtails and endlers) can produce upto 8 batches of fry from one insemination. Depending on the species the pregnancy can vary by a couple of weeks. For platys its normally around 4 weeks.
So even when no males are present females can drop fry for a long time afterwards.
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And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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Thank you everyone for the information i was so confused how they kept appearing im guessing a few more little surprises can appear
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