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Redesigning tank

I’ve decided to redo my tank, as I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I hadn’t really thought through the plant s In bought, and ended up with several horrendous looking viney plants that were hard to manage.

I like leafy plants and would like a mixture of big and small. Any suggestions? I’d also like to look at having grass, but I’ve not had  luck so far.
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theres so many plants out there, some do better in hard water some do better in soft, some are root feeders ( so root tabs are a must ) other send aerial roots.

Swords will cover the BIG leaf part of it ( and can grow big! ) which plant did you try as a grass? You can get a few different types. Eleocharis Parvula, Dwarf Sagittaria, Pygmy Chain Swords, Utricularia Graminifolia ( bit hard to keep down, and can eat baby shrimp which i find kind of creepy! ), Helanthium Tenellum. Thats a few of the grass types i can think of.
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Thanks! I've got fairly hard water, so something that would survive that.

I can't remember the grass type I used... are there any that are good for hard water?

I've also now switched to sand (previously had a mix of substrate and gravel) as I prefer the look - does this change what plants I should use?

Also, is there anywhere online to buy plants from?
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No sand or gravel are both inert substrates so ferts and root tabs can be a must for some plants like Fr499y said. if you want leafy plants look at things like Crypts and Anubias, both come in a lot of variety. It will depend on your tank set up as well (Lighting, if you inject CO2 etc). a good place to look is on aquarium garden (Link below) they label plants up pretty well to give you an idea of what each one needs.
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I was going to suggest Aquarium Gardens, their plants are 99.9% snail free and they dont use any harmful pesticides or chemicals so they can go straight in your tank safely (although its always worth rinsing them first)
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I actually use a place on ebay now for their in vitro plants. More plants, cheaper and better quality. They are smaller though being in vitro! I purchased 3 anubias nana and managed to get around 15 plants from it Smile

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My water is DG12, KH 6 and pH 7.2
For carpeting 'grassy' type plants I've found saggitaria subulata works well, I've tried pogestemon halferi and eleocharis and neither did well for me. I still get diatoms on the things but at least they grow. For the 'leafy' stuff if you are looking at rooting plants rather than those attached to bogwood or rocks then most of the amazon swords do OK in hard water (which surprised me a little) as long as they are well fed at root level and pretty much all of the hygrophilia species are pretty bombproof. I haven't had much success with crypts in my water, I have a couple of varieties but they have 'survived' rather than flourished. Tiger lotus does OK too, takes a while to get established but again if fed at the root it will take off.
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Hi Mfisher

'pretty much all of the hygrophilia species are pretty bombproof'

Seconded. I've got hard water and sand substrate in a low tech planted tank and my Hygrophila guanensis (and red Val) grow like crazy with just root tabs - no liquid ferts, Co2 and medium lighting. Bought from Aquaessentials - recommended.

However, I've failed miserably to grow anything low & grassy, as the sand doesn't hold it down.
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for the first time in my life i've managed to kill polysperma!!! don't ask me how. I'd still recommend it as you can trim it and get it to grow low into a nice carpet Smile
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(16-07-2019, 08:38 AM)fr499y Wrote: I actually use a place on ebay now for their in vitro plants. More plants, cheaper and better quality. They are smaller though being in vitro! I purchased 3 anubias nana and managed to get around 15 plants from it Smile

I will second that this is who I use and I have never been let down yet there plants are brilliant
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