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Snails - damn snails
I'm over-run with the damn things. I mean they are on everything like someone took a pepper mill and scrunched it a hundred times over all the plants, the glass, the filter housings and substrate.
I put a couple of yoyo loaches in and I see them feasting on them at times, also some Assassin snails but the number of other snails is increasing. Where they came from is unknown but perhaps on plants from an aquarist shop.

The main tank I want to clean out now is a 60 litre one that has a mix of fish that I really don't want to take out and place in another tank as it will mean they would upset the balance of the already present other fish in that tank.

I don't want to remove them temporarily to empty the tank and scrub it out. It would mean a new substrate and a restart of conditioning, I can only guess that the filters will have snail eggs on them too and I don't want to go to extreme lengths to clean the filters that would also mean the useful bacteria is killed off.

So, how about this.
If I remove the fish to a holding tank for a few minutes or a couple of hours if needed, then I could perhaps electrocute the snails in situ? Yeah?
Anyone got ideas on this. How would I even go about electrocuting them? With a large 12v battery perhaps?
Would this also kill the plants I wonder?

And what about all the dead snails if it does work. Would this lead to a peak in nitrate levels or other chemical compositions.

I may be able to replace at least some of the substrate and the dead snails if I did it this way.

Other ideas would be welcome
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Oh heck, would have thought the assassin snail could have sorted that...must be something else going on, have you seen your assassin lately ?
As to electrocuting them , I’m not an expert but would think there are other solutions before you try that, if at all. The dead snails would rot and cause a water problem.
Hopefully some of the more experience members can offer a solution for you. 🤞🏻
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Do not try to put electricity anywhere near the tank!! Even 12v can prove dangerous.

That amount of snails would only be able to be supported by a large food source. That will be either overfeeding of the fish and/or lots of decaying plant matter for them to feed on. You need to seriously reduce the amount of food going into the tank.

You have a few choices

Move the fish and start over.

Manual removal, this will take a long time of taking out all the snails you can see a few times a day over a long period of time until you don’t see anymore.

Use a chemical product such as Gastropex. But bear in mind you will still need to get as many out as you possibly can every day for several days as that many snails dying suddenly will create a massive ammonia spike which will more than likely also kill the fish. Even removing as many snails as you can you will probably still get a spike so temporarily moving the fish will be the best option.

Gastropex will also kill the assassins and any shrimp in the tank so must be used with caution.

Moving on to prevent it happening again you will need to be very careful with feeding and removing uneaten food/decaying plants.

Hope that helps.
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I agree with cheltgirl,massive snail population is down to food source I had this problem when I started and I was over run with them, I actually dont mind them in fact I like them in my tanks but not huge numbers, what I did was feed the fish with food tabs that stick to the glass(hope you know what ones I mean) any left over I simply took out, I noticed a huge difference in the matter of weeks, I was also collecting them at water changes aswell but this worked for me, turns out I was just over feeding my fish, having shrimp in your tanks would also help but that depends on what type of fish is in your tank.
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Yeah my first tropical tank had this issue, I was overrun with them, I found putting a big romaine lettuce leaf in before going to bed then picking the lettuce leaf out with all the snails each morning seemed help, took a while to get them all but it was chemical free, fish done fine with a once a week small feed
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Feeding may be the problem but I can't see much of anything hitting the bottom and rotting though. Plants are all OK too. Most of the snails are very small so it looks like there's been a recent large egg hatch but they're all over the damn place. Assassin is still working away too and the yoyo loaches are well fed.

I have adopted a new feeding pattern similar to the stick on tabs. I hang a cooked mussel or prawn in the tank on a piece of wire. What doesn't get eaten at least doesn't fall to the bottom.

I'll try the lettuce leaf tactic for now but I'll start with a replacement of around half the substrate tomorrow. Hoovered it all up last week but replacement will be sure to take out a lot of pin-head size snails.
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The tank is way too small for yo-yos, which grow to around 8" and need a group of at least 5 in a 4' tank.
You could have khulis or dwarf chains, but nothing bigger.
Give the tank a good clean, take out as many manually as you can, put a trap for them (either the overnight veg or an old pop bottle with a small hole drilled into the top so fish can't get in, with veg in), and cut down on feeding altogether.
You'll need to move the loaches as soon as you can as, when they grow, their opercular spines also grow and will cut nets and hands to pieces as you attempt to catch them. Wink
If at first you don't succeed....
...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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Ah bottle trap!! I wish I’d thought of that way back then, so much easier than balancing tiny little snails when lifting out a lettuce leaf especially when soft & half eaten
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(21-07-2019, 09:05 AM)Jen1981 Wrote: Ah bottle trap!! I wish I’d thought of that way back then, so much easier than balancing tiny little snails when lifting out a lettuce leaf especially when soft & half eaten
I made a bottle trap and in the space of a week I caught perhaps 10 snails but I also lost 2 Ember Tetras that I found dead in it. Don't know why they died but maybe it was thrashing about in a panic trying to escape.
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Hole was too big, they shouldn't have got in..... Wink
If at first you don't succeed....
...get someone else to do it! Big Grin

Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

All my posts are from a desktop.
Mobiles are way too complicated for me, although I do have one now. Wink
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