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How do i stop them breeding?!?
Second cry for help on these forums, here goes...

So my inital problems with ammonia levels etc have now completely cleared and my platys are breeding like crazy. When I asked the question at the supposedly highly rated store, I was told when asking "shouldn't I just get males so they don't breed?" that the chances of them breeding were "highly unlikely". That now clearly appears to be complete crap. Everything I have read online states platys are "prolific breeders" which is in complete contrast to what I was told. Anyway, how do I stop them breeding? Separating them isn't an option. I can't tell which ones are male and female. Plus according to what I've read, the females can still produce babies for up to 6 months after inital contact with the males. Giving away/selling also not an option. I've removed one of the 2 plants from the tank to give them less space to hide and I have lowered the temperature by 1 degree. Is there anything else I can do? Apparently adjusting ph to anything other than prime levels is an option? How would I do that? Also, on a slightly related note, is it not kind of cruel to remove plants etc from the tank as the fish will get bored? Am I over thinking this and just being soft? I don't know. Any advice/help much appreciated.
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Sorry to hear of your troubles!! I am no expert & someone more experienced will probably have a better answer but in the meantime You can separate the males & females, I know you said it’s not an option but you could try & put an ad up on gumtree or a free ad on eBay, a cheap & sometimes free second hand tank with a second hand heater & filter could do until you get the fish sold which could solve your immediate issues. You could then resell that tank.
The fins on platys are different in the males & females this is just a pinterest link but a basic image so you can see the difference
Unfortunately yes the females can still keep giving birth for
a few months afterward but keep a tank handy or even a fry net that you can keep inside your main tank so you can keep separating the new fry as they appear
You might be able to strike a deal with one of your local fish shops to see if they can take any emerging fry off your hands, my first point of call would be the shop that gave you the bad advice
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Separation of males and females is going to be the only reliable option I'm afraid and it will be a while as you say the females will have several batches from one insemination.

That shop just wanted your money or are totally thick to not know that live bearers are like rabbits when it comes to breeding!! Never take what a shop says as the truth unless you have double checked it out in several other places first.

You will be inundated with babies unless you move them on or separate.

I agree that you should go to the shop that told you that rubbish and see what they say. I bet they deny all knowledge!!
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Platys (and the other livebeaerers) can be fun to control the breeding. As mentioned separating them is the best way to stop them breeding, as long as you have male and females together they will breed.
The difference between male and female is mostly in the anal fin, males have a spike like anal fin (or gonopodium) whereas females have a full fan shaped anal fin.
Removing the plants shouldnt cause too many issues although it does give less breaks in the lines of sight between the fish, increasing the chance of males chasig females relentlessly.
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Once their bioload reaches a maximum for the tank they’ll slow down/stop so that the bioload remains stable, if that helps.
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Sorry to hear that you were given bad advice! Platies breed prolifically as you're finding out. As mentioned above, separating the sexes is the only way to stop this, but as you know the females can drop fry many weeks later after separation. I would be tempted to return the fry to your LFS given they gave you dodgy advice.

You say that rehoming isn't an option, but I would mention that I've advertised my platy fry on Gumtree (like yours, mine breed like crazy!) and there has been a lot of interest for people coming over to pick them up.

Sorry you're in this situation, I truly sympathise as someone with a tank which is full to bursting with lots of platy fry.
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