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Weird worms
[Image: 1Lp9LTRl.jpg] Hello apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong area but just done a water change and these have appeared in my tank HELP Please
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I think they're just detritus worms that have been disturbed from the substrate and have found the biofilm on the glass. It's highly unlikely that they're anything to worry about (in one way just the opposite, in fact!). If you've got small enough fish they may well deal with some of them - Dish Of The Day, an' all that!

[I've deleted your duplicate post, in case you're wondering where it went!]
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Thanks, Do you know how I can get rid of these things or would it be a case of loads of water changes?
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Well it could be counter-productive to use chemicals so if the visible ones aren't eaten the best thing to do would be to wipe the ones you can see off the glass. Thereafter keep the glass clean and repeat worm-wiping as necessary until all those remaining are where they belong, in the substrate. Regular substrate-hoovering will help to control numbers, too. Gentler water-changes would limit the numbers being disturbed and getting into the water-column proper (that's assuming that they are what I think they are!).

I wouldn't be in favour of deliberately eliminating 100% of them, though they may disappear one day spontaneously. Depends what happens in their little ecosystem!

If you're determined to 'off' all of them permanently, others will advise I'm sure.
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Oh I had them, just lovely are they not haha!! I even bought a macro lens for my smartphone e to get a close up of them. Mine happened after overfeeding & discovered....eventually..... I had been overfeeding live brine shrimp & frozen foods too often. I cut down feeding, water changes, bought ember tetras (not for this purpose) they had a feast!!!
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I had these, they first appeared while I was cycling the tank. There was a lot of them that suddenly appeared one day as if from nowhere! Must’ve come in with the driftwood or something.

As mentioned they’re likely detritus worms. I gave up trying to get rid of them / wiping them off glass. Seemed like too much effort considering how many there were in the tank. Eventually they’ll either get eaten by fish or just stay in substrate. Apparently they’re good at keeping it clean.
Fluval 240L with 306. Water 1.68 dGh. 

19 Harlequin Rasbora, 15 Rummynose Tetra, 10 Panda Corydoras, 2 Bolivian Rams and 2 Amano shrimp.
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