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Galaxy Rasboras
Hi, I'm looking for some galaxy rasboras however I can only find them in 2 shops near me, the only thing is in the shops there bellys are grey, I cant seem to find any with a nice red colouring on there belly. My question is could the ones in the shops just be young or stressed? Or will it stay greyish?
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Have a look for Celestial Pearl Danios which is another name for the same fish.

They will color up (the males get the brightest) when kept in the right conditions.

Be sure to get healthy ones. Active, full bellies, etc....

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Hello and welcome Smile
Celestial pearl danios (CPD although i do prefer the incorrect name of galaxy rasbora Big Grin) that i have seen in my lfs (local fish shop/stockist) have been pretty small and young, so they are likely still developing colour but wont show their true colours until settled and grown.
It’s mostly mature males that are well conditioned (right diet and water conditions) that have the brighter fins and colour on the stomach, females tend to be less colourful and have more silvery stomachs although they do still have some colour and markings. You can also tell the difference by looking just by the anal fin, if there’s a black dot between the pectoral and anal fins then its a female.
They’re also quite a gregarious species so need a decent group and need a decent bit of room for small fish as the males display, chase females and spar at top speed. The display is stunning Smile
They are also egg scatterers and you most likely wont get many if any young survive as they will eat their own eggs pretty quickly, unless you intend on breeding them. You can create egg traps to catch the eggs and prevent the adults eating the eggs.
Hope that helps.
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Hello and welcome to the forum !
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Hi Miikee and welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome to
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Welcome to the forum. Smile
Hope you find some good quality CPDs. Smile
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Hi and welcome to the forum Smile
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