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Fostering/Adopting a dog.
So we as a family a while back decided we would like to get a dog, I've been checking out all the sites and just found that to buy a dog is just too expensive, so my niece put me onto a charity based down south called Last Hope Rescue and I decided to foster with option of full adoption of this little beauty.

[Image: eAXoeagl.jpg]
[Image: pRvJlx4l.jpg]

This is Sasha she is 7 years old, first 4 years she was a breeding machine until she was abandoned onto the streets, she was adopted out but sadly the family had to leave there current home and couldnt take her so she is back in kennels, she is brilliant with children a real softie who gets scared if left alone(which she wont be) (no prob for me being full time carer to son) so she should be joining us in the next 2 weeks hopefully.

Glad I went through the rescue process instead of buying, I think too many people are putting money before the dogs well being.
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Awe look at her cute little face, well done on the fostering, so many puppies being born that will sadly be abandoned, mistreated etc so sad!
My mans auntie fosters dogs, she lost her last dog last year to very old age & she went to dogs trust and walked out crying reading all the back stories so she called them and asked them about fostering, she now takes in all types now on short term fosters, she’s currently got a little whippet puppy with a broken leg.
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Good on you!! So many creatures need new homes through no fault of their own. They deserve loving families to care for them. I’m sure you’ll make great doggy parents Smile
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Well done [Image: thumbsup.png]
We've always had rescue dogs. This our current rescue. Sam, cross German, Belgan shepherd with a bit of Mastif. 6 years old and 47 kg. Rescued from a neighbour at 7 weeks covered with ticks  and needed a blood transfusion, gladly given by another rescue now sadly gone.
[Image: 7gPpZESl.jpg]
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Our last two dogs (unfortunately gone now) were both rescue dogs and they gave us 20 years of love and pleasure. Enjoy your new friend.
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I have a rescue dog got him 2 years ago when he was 10, was told he had no problems, yea went for any dog he saw barked at everything if you put your hand on his you could fell it pulsating, took him to the vet and saw the behaviour specialist put him on the dog form of Prozac, did seam to help but he lost all his energy, was walking behind and thought your not walking right put my hand under his back paw and when I lifted it saw he could not bend his back knees, so started him on herbal treatments took a while and a lot of money but worth it, now the pulsating has gone can tuck his back legs under him plays with other dogs (apart for corgis hates them) and been off the Prozac for 18 months.
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We also got a rescue. A little beauty of a staff Big Grin shes 9 or 10, an absolute nut case at the best of times.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2949]
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Well done! Why encourage breeders when there are so many dogs waiting for a new home.

We are ''failed foster carers'' - Lily was only meant to be us on foster but after one night it was pretty clear she would not be going anywhere..

when she first came to us, 8 1/2 years ago:
[Image: wGgSMVml.jpg]

Hot day (so un-ladylike):
[Image: RIYwBCMl.jpg]

..and don't bother trying to introduce her to a puppy:
[Image: q4D60lfl.jpg]
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Wow! So many beautiful doggies!

We don’t have dogs as we couldn’t commit to their needs so we adopted 2 cats instead. I don’t understand why anyone would buy a cat or dog when there are so many without homes.

Adopt don’t shop!
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a lot of the time its due to illness Sad
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