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Tank stand smaller than tank
I have got a new tank recently and have adapted my front room cupboard to be a fish tank stand. 

I have added a base on top for the tank to sit on and now have realised it is about 0.5cm smaller than the tank. 
Will this be ok?? 

The tank is a 57l fluval flex. Unable to attach pictures as pics wont upload grrrrr
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Hello and welcome Smile
To upload pics you need to use the imgur button as the forum image widget isn’t working atm, we’re waiting for an update Smile
On the overhang 0.5cm I wouldnt have thought would cause an issue, one of my tank stands (although built for the tank) had an overhang on the corners. But it shouldnt cause the glass to flex as long as the rest of the tank is on a flat surface.
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[Image: k1IXkzwl.jpg]
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[Image: pCXrSuPl.jpg]
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Thank you for advice on adding pics.

As you can see from pics, the unit with the top base plus the amount the tank overhangs
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The Fluval Flex 57L is only a small tank (41 x 39 x 39cm) and should be fine on your cupboard.
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Do you think the cupboard pictured could take the weight of the tank ?
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57 litres is about 10 gallons and one gallon of water weighs 9 pounds or so. Add the substrate weight and any additional stuff you wish to add and this will give you an idea of total weight.
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Tinkerlink Wrote:Do you think the cupboard pictured could take the weight of the tank ?

57L of water weighs 57kg; 125lb or approx. 9 stone. (plus a bit more for substrate & décor)
If it will take your weight then it should take the aquarium weight.
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Thank you for your comments. I decided against putting the tank on the cupboard. As it's only made out mdf I just thought it is safer just in case it did get wet/rot.
I did sit on cupboard and it took my weight but wasnt the most stirdiest and have a little toddler I thought it best to keep in the kitchen for now.
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