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Suse's planted Roma 240 litre
Complete with Plesiosaur-shaped driftwood! 

Just found you all over here, I hope no one minds a newbie crashing the party   Smile   

Here is my tank, 4 weeks in. I'm trying to do a weekly photo "diary" to show how plants progress in a low tech tank. Hopefully it will be useful for others in future.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Thanks given by:
Hi Suse

Welcome to the party...

Tank is looking very nice.
Thanks given by: Suse
Your tank looks great! Welcome to the forum Smile
Thanks given by: Suse
Looking lovely, you can see the plants progressing too.
What fish are you stocked with?
Thanks given by: Suse
Thanks for the welcome and kind comments all!

Sarah, my stock is as follows (all moved over from my previous 96 litre tank - haven't added anyone new yet):

- 11 neon tetras
- 10 harlequin rasboras
- 6 albino corydoras
- 1 dwarf gourami (male)

And a horned nerite snail called Mr Slow.

I am thinking of getting some panda cories, but other than that have no particular desire for other fish. Suggestions welcome though!
Thanks given by:
I bet the fish are loving the upgrade as well as you Smile
Sometimes I think less is more when adding fish, my 100 litre I have has only 2 species... peppered corys and zebra danios. Plus a species' only for my killifish.
But then I do have 2 other community tanks Big Grin
Thanks given by:
Beautiful tank! Well done!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Thanks given by: Suse
Looks lovely! It's such a good size tank to work with; love ours.
Panda Cory would work well at the lower temperature you have (I.e. lower than my 25/26 degrees).
29L: 4 White Cloud Mountain Minnows
Wishing for a lottery win to get my old tanks back!
Thanks given by:
Thanks all! Smile

Sarah yes I am tempted to stick with fewer species. Don't fancy stocking the tank to the brim. But pandas are cute! You're right, the best part of getting the bigger tank was seeing how happy the fish were to upgrade. The harlequin rasboras in particular seem to really love the extra space, and zoom back and forth.

VikingMummy you're right it's a brilliant tank! I love the simple clean lines, and the dimensions are ideal for lots of schooling fish (and planting). I keep the tank at around 24C, do you think that will be OK for pandas?
Thanks given by:
aw I miss my 240, yours is looking great.
It's an obsession!
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