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Platy's with ich? Help to id
Hi all, firstly to say hi and this is my first ever post so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place..

So I've kept platy's for a about 3 years now so still very much a beginner.

Today I've noticed that two recently introduced a couple of platy's (2-3 weeks ago) they have white spots on them and was after some opinion please as to cause before i start treatment.

To me i am guessing the dreaded Ich but wondered if any possibility it is a fungal infection.

Tried to take a picture, i can post better but what seemed odd was the ones in the tail area seem to leave a small trail behind them as opposed to a crusted spot.

Hoped maybe able to tap
 into someones experience on this I'd really appreciate it.

My older platy's don't seen infected and the ones that are ,seem non distressed for now.

I've urgently ordered some white spot treatment but as my first sign of infection didn't want to jump in too hastily (or similarly delay)

Happy to try and post a better pic when can.

For some reason i cant seem to add attachments, guess as my first post ?
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To post a pic you need click the ‘imgur’ on the left hand side then wait for the link to appear 😀
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Hi, what are your water parameters?
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Welcome to the forum. Smile
As Jen says, use the Imgur button, it's a bit slow but works. We're waiting for a software upgrade to the forum software to sort the attachment problem.

Your water parameters (as BG asks) would be useful, including ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, temperature, ph and hardness. Smile
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[Image: dPA74qAl.jpg]

hi thanks all i have hopefully managed to catch one of the little ones and show where i am seeing the dots. The other two platy's i have (around 2 years old) seem clear of this for now.

The nitrate levels are showing zero, as is chlorine. Ph around 6.9. GH 8 and KH 6.

I have some API White Spot cure but my tank has two amano shrimp and a snail) . I had an idea on that and have ordered today a small 4 litre tank to act as a quarantine - thinking perhaps i could move the inverts into that and treat the tank or even take the two platys out into that to treat rather than do the tank (but if it is ICH i guess theyd always be in the tank??)

I realise when i post here i must sound like an amateur so forgive me... :-)

I read that increasing the temp of the tank gradually ? I do have a heater (unused) i got for an older tank but not sure it would be suitable for the Biorb 30 i have here..
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Those marks on the tailfin? It doesn't look like ich from what I can make out in your pic.

It's more likely to be an immune response to a physical injury, IMO - tailfin brushing against rough surface, for instance. If so, with good water and no opportunistic pathogens, it should clear up spontaneously in time. A squeeze of garlic might aid the process : fragment of a clove, well-crushed and left to sit for ten minutes before putting it in the tank.

Others may have different/better views of course.

[Edit : you're using test strips?  You really should be able to monitor ammonia : well worth investing in a standalone liquid test if you don't want to go the whole hog with (say) an API Master kit of liquid tests]
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[Image: 5yDuMewl.jpg]

Hi Vale, thanks so much... I do have test strips at the moment but will get a better setup in terms of the water levels as i am interested in growing my understanding.

So without bombarding the thread with loads of photos i did grab a slightly better one with the light on, you can see on the surface of one there's like dots which show better but yeah it was only on the fins of the one i took earlier.
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Hello and welcome Smile
Sorry to hear of your issue.
It does look like white spot to me in the second pic. That said Vale!’s suggestion of feeding garlic or adding garlic juice to food or using garlic infused food would help boost the immune system.
You can cure ich through either increasing temp or using meds, i wouldnt do both as warmer water holds less dissolved oxygen and some meds take up oxygen. If you do decide to do the temp method you would have to increase the temp gradually to 30C and keep it there for 14days (the life cycle of ich), this speeds up ich’s lifecycle and kills ich in its free swimming stage. Meds again are only really effective when the ich parasite is in its free swimming/spore stage. Extra water changes also help to remove some free swimming spores as well as keeping the tank and water clean to aid in recovery.
Hope that helps and makes sense Smile

PS there was some cheap long dated api master test kits on amazon Wink
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Thanks given by: guinnessdylan
Thanks all i really appreciate the advice.. will let you know how i get on
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