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Down in Discoland
Big Grin 
There I was joining up and then the next two weeks...hectic. Smile
First report and up to date as of tonight.
Five foot by two by two tank with external filters...FX6s loaded with sponges (a coarse and fine)and packed with biohome ultimate.
Two 300w one titanium with controller and an Eheim heater stat. Temp on controller set to 28.4 plus/minus shouldn’t drop below 28 or go higher than 28.7
Two LED lighting strips of unknown make. Narrow one with daylight and a pink light...both can be on or one turned off. Used the pink as a “night” light for the first time the fish went in but might not be suitable to leave on as a moonlight night. Currently have a small table lamp on in the room with the tank lights off. 
The other strip has red, blue, white lights and again the reds/blues can be on with the white off and vice versa. Next to do is sort out timers but no hurry.
Lump(s) of azalea wood root on a neutral white sand base...
Using a small air pump with one stone as well.
Fishless cycle completed...I used the Devotedly Discus method as found on their website and if I lived on the mainland I’d have had the fish from Mark as well.
Also adding/using API Stress Coat conditioner and Microbe-Lift Special Blend and Nite Out II.

This Thursday the first six Stendker Discus went in...Two Marlboro reds, two Dark Angel and two Red Scribs...bought at 8cm but feeding so well during quarantine now closer to 9 cm.(!)
Lights on Friday and today and started feeding on Friday...Stendker beefheart half a blister three times per day...all fish feeding.

Things to sort: hard to “hide” the heaters as currently mounted on back of tank...tried a couple of plastic plants but looks ridiculous! 
After the wood stayed put it grew the most amazing bloom (bacterial?) and now that it’s all gone (virtually) some debris on the base, but I don’t want to try and siphon till the fish are more settled.
Timing for the remaining batch of fish...another seven...was thinking two/ three weeks?
Keep monitoring water and prep for the water changes.
Try and upload some photos...and a few posts in Discus and equipment sections...

[Image: WhodkE3l.jpg]
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Hmmm...only one photo? Here’s another...
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I look forward to more photos Smile
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Yes more photos!

Perhaps Inline heaters too if they look so bad atm!
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Looking good so far.

I’m not sure inline heaters will work. Fluval like to use corrugated pipes on their filters.
500L Sooperhooge Goldfish tank Smile
200L The Barbarium….Tiger barbs and a very grumpy BN plec
200L Marine Reef.....stocking in progress!
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Tried to post more photos...does this imager only let you upload one per post...didn’t seem to work after the first!
Anyway Sunday and the boys n girls are fineSmile[Image: yDQqSCzl.jpg][Image: puqI5Zrl.jpg][Image: rt1W5nml.jpg]
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  • Annie, Gingerlove05, Hanlou, plankton
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Nice Smile
The imgur uploader does allow more than one pic at a time, it can take a few seconds for the link to pop up Smile
 😇 Heaven doesn’t want me...
And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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