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2x 6 month old Mystery Snails - Barnet

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this website, and still fairly new to the whole aquarium keeping game too!
I’ve had a nightmare few months getting my tank set up, as if it’s not one thing going wrong, it’s another!
My latest issue is to do with 2 Mystery snails I bought as tiny babies to help keep the glass algae free.

Well, they are now 6 months old and no longer babies! They seem to be pretty fertile as I’m having to remove eggs from the hood of the tank fairly regularly... that’s not actually the problem though!

I’m starting to want to turn my aquarium into more of a planted one, and the snails are extremely happy at this, as they love eating whatever plants I put in there!

I really don’t want to euthanise them, as even though they’re “only snails” as my flatmate says, I’ve had them since they were tiny and they’re kind of my responsibility!

Was wondering if anybody on here kept snails, and would like to add two more to their collection?
Totally free of course, and if you’re not too far from north London, I’ll even deliver them to you myself.
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  • Annie
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Hello and welcome! Theres a few people on here who do keep mystery snails/apple snails. If you are getting snails for algae, go with Nerites.
Have you thought about a smaller tank to keep the snails in? You could get away with a 20/25L for the pair.
You could try feeding them veg which might stop them munching your plants ( Cabbage, peppers, lettuce etc )

If you do decide to get rid of them, put an advert up in the classified section Smile
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Thanks for replying!

I’m afraid I just don’t have enough space for another tank, as much as I’d like one!

I’ll copy my post over to classifieds and see if anyone is interested.
Thanks again.

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I think you need 5 posts before you can sell Smile

Try feeding them some veggies first, you never know! They might leave your plants alone if they are getting fed something else.
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That explains why I can’t post in the classifieds!
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  • fr499y
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Its to stop people joining just to sell stuff Smile
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Oh wow, those are big fellas ! Great to see the pics, did you manage to find a new home ? Not that I can have them I live in Spain haha.
Cool I’m a goofy goober  Cool
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