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Heater issue

I had a 60 litre tank heated by a 100w fluval type e heater. About two weeks ago I upgraded to a new tank of 80 litres. Ever since, the heater has been struggling to keep temp. Originally the water was set at 26 C. When I changed tanks I assumed the heater would warm up the water as it's rated at much higher tank sizes. I set the heater temp to 27 C and eventually it turned green, indicating it had hit temp. Today I found a dead fish and the tank had dropped to 24C. In desperation I've set the heater to 30C and am keeping a close eye on the temp and will reduce the temp set on the heater to 27 C. The heater is 18 months old. Any ideas please?

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They can get a bit "iffy" with age and going to heat a larger volume of water, although I understand those heaters are pretty good and should be good for more than 18 months......

Sorry for your loss - what fish are you keeping at 26C?
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The ambient temperature in your house also affects how well a heater performs to a degree, especially with smaller bodies of water. If your house can get really cold at night, the heater might be having to work harder.

I think manufacturers make heater wattage recommendations for particular tank volumes based on how much higher you want the temp to be over ambient temperatures.
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As above, I've had to run a 300w and 200w in a 240L before because it was in a very cold room.
Other times I've ran 15w heaters in a 20L tank without issues, but now the same tank runs a 50w and sometimes struggles!
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Further to what is already being said, 

I have had to turn my heater up to full today to cope with the cold weather that we are having.
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(10-01-2019, 03:35 AM)ashash Wrote: Further to what is already being said, 

I have had to turn my heater up to full today to cope with the cold weather that we are having.

Turning your heater up won’t help keep your temperature stable at a set point. If your heater is struggling to reach and stay stable at a set point then it’s undersized. Your more likely to have the heater fail on or off which will cause much bigger issues. I’d advise upgrading the heater.

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