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Missing tankmates
Hi I’m new to the forum. I currently have a new tank setup (4 week fishless cycle, then tankmates were introduced about 2 weeks ago). It is a 35L coldwater tank. I have 3 rosy barbs, 2 sucking loaches and 2 amano shrimp in the tank. However, 1 of the amano shrimp after about 3 days began ‘fanning’ so i assumed that she was giving birth (not sure of the proper shrimp term!) Since then, one of the loaches and 1 of the shrimp have just vanished. Ive not seen them for days. Could they just be hiding? I havent kept either before, and am aware the loaches tend to be nocturnal but i see the other loach all the time. Any ideas, or previous experiences similar to this? Thank you in advance!
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Hi, welcome to the forum.

What temperature are they at? Sucking Loaches are not coldwater fish. They need to be in the 70s. Also the tank is far too small for them, and also for Rosy Barbs.

Have you looked in the filter?
I don't keep fish, I keep water. Water keeps fish.
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Hello and welcome.

Also can I ask how you did the cycle? 4 weeks sounds quite quick. Have you tested the water since they have gone missing? What were the results?

Plus as said above those occupants need to be at tropical temperatures and in a larger tank.

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Hi and welcome to the site, some great tips and advice above.
Keep us posted !
Enjoy the forum Smile
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Hello and welcome Smile
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And Hell is afraid I’ll take over! 😈
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Thank you all for your responses. I purposely bought from an aquatic store as opposed to a ‘Pets at Home’ type store as i have heard that often incorrect advice is given particularly regarding the number of occupants suitable for the tank size, but it sounds like this has still happened. Update: The second loach made a brief appearance so is still about, have not seen the second shrimp as of yet though. I have a friend who has a friend with a much larger and tropical tank so am currently considering this as a possible relocation, just waiting to hear back if she has any ‘vacancies’ for them!

Would the barbs still require a bigger tank if the loaches were removed? Also, are the barbs ok in coldwater or would you advise tropical for them as well? Wish i’d come here first, lesson learned! Thanks again everyone, really appreciate your advice!
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Rosy barbs would be OK in a temperate tank at temperatures kept above 16C (i.e. without a heater but in a reasonably warm home, assuming you are in the UK/Europe). This is a good and reliable website for information on fish:

Unfortunately they grow large and would need a bigger tank. There seems to be a myth around that aquatic stores give better advice than pet shops. They don't - all their advice is equally bad because they're trying to make sales. It's awful but that's the reality. I've never had good advice from any shop when buying fish.

Shrimp can hide, and will do so if they're moulting which happens regularly. So it is possible they're still alive and well. give it time and see if they pop up Smile
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@Reebles I feel your frustration, I had the same recently. Made quite a drive to a supposed specialist fish shop, came away feeling confident in my purchases as I went armed with loads of information like water hardness report, a sample of my tank water etc etc

The advice I was given wasn't just bad but actually risky for the fish I'd been sold even.

Trust your own research is all there is, no-one taking your money will give you honest advice

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The "sucking loaches" are likely Chinese Algae Eaters that have the potential to reach 7". That's way to big for a 35l tank, they need a 4' tank minimum. They are not community fish and eventually end up sucking the protective mucus off other fish. They also fight with each other as they mature, so only one per tank. Beautiful fish, but not as far as personality is concerned. They are tropical and not coldwater.
A 35l just isn't big enough for any fish above about 1.5" (better below 1") and rosy barbs should reach around 3"+.
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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(16-03-2019, 08:23 AM)Benville Wrote: Trust your own research is all there is, no-one taking your money will give you honest advice

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This is the best advice!

Research research research


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500L Goldfish tank containing 9 gorgeous goldies Smile
12L Pico/Nano currently empty but working on it!!
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