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Ph buffer
Hi, the water in my area is very soft so I have to put buffer in the tank to keep the kh ok for my fish,my lfs reccomended jbl aquadur powder but I find it difficult to judge the correct amount to add to the tank,can anyone reccomend any other product I could try
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Hello Rockfish. Did you bring any chips with you?!

I can probably assist - I use Aquadur for my invertebrates, and I'm equipped with electronic scales. We could doubtless find some sort of measuring device that we both have which would make things easier for you. No point in buying different brands of (essentially) the same thing when Aquadur is perfectly good!

What size tank? And what's your starting point and desired endpoint in terms of KH? What fish, and how many? What filtration?
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My KH is 3dKH and I don't have to buffer mine although I do have some Potassium Bicarbonate kicking around in an emergency. I just do water changes 10-20% a week and that keeps it just above 7pH.
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I have very soft water (1-2 dKH) and buffered with potassium bicarbonate for about a year. It's a few pounds for a big bag from eBay (I can let you know the seller if you want). I needed 1 teaspoon per 80 litres of water to bring the dKH up to 5 which was my target (just treating new water at water changes). It worked very well and reliably. I would recommend it if you want to raise KH.

However it did also raise pH from 6.8 to 7.4 and I have fish that prefer acidic water (not that it seemed to bother them at all) - anything that raises KH will. So for the last 4 months I've stopped buffering and just do regular weekly big water changes with my tap water, and everything is fine. I do keep a cuttlebone in my filter which probably adds a small amount of carbonates, not sure if it's necessary or not.
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Where in Lancashire do you live?
I have found that areas of soft water usually have a more alkaline pH example Nelson (Lancashire) water is very soft at about 1.54dGH but the pH is pH7.39 (average).
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Thanks for the replys - i am from wigan (stephen)I was advised by my local lfs not to use any buffer other than a recognised commercial product, but they would after selling me aquadur for 15 pounds a pot that I can get on eBay for 11 pounds, my kh would be 2 without buffer I was looking to achieve 5 my lfs says 4 would be ok , I suspect the potassium biocarbanate is much better cheaper option if you convince me to try it, also i must be more accurate with the water change volumes and additives (vale!) Thanks again for your interest.
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Do you need to buffer it, if weekly changes keep it stable?
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Enjoy your fish, shrimps and snails!

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Yes weekly water changes will keep it to low without buffer.
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