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Re: Good brands

Post by Gingerlove05 »

I use the new life spectrum one :) have done for years now since i stopped using flake.
Only time i’ve seen the fish not really go for it on the off is when i’ve spoiled them with too many frozen meals :D

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Re: Good brands

Post by Misty »

My neons are really picky and prefer goldfish food - Repashy or boiled crushed peas is their favourite.
And my goldfish food cupboard (also freezer and fridge)... don't know where to start... Gamma and Alfa are the only frozen food brands I trust (as they are gamma radiated). For the dry food: Repashy, New life spectrum probiotix, Tetra Fresh Delica, Vitalis, Northfin. and peas of course :)

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Re: Good brands

Post by KevB »

The previously mentioned Prima (regular and micro depending on fish size) are good. Also Fluval Bug Bites (tropical formula) go down well with my fish. King British brand are good, I use their freeze dried tubifex and occasionally catfish pellets (Amano shrimp love them). I've also had good fish response from JBL Granocolor (these are small pellets but sink quite fast).
Frozen I usually use DutchSelectBrand and it's mainly brine shrimp and bloodworm. The brine shrimp come in different varieties of additives (omega oils, garlic and spirulina) for a bit of variety.

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Re: Good brands

Post by VikingMummy2015 »

Hikari micro pellets are my go to for anything tropical. My Betta is enjoying the Fluval bug bites and I also give frozen bloodworm or a frozen tropical mix when I have more fish to merit breaking them out! When I had my community tank previously I had a rota (Hikari, bloodworm, Hikari, mixed frozen etc with Sunday as a starve day) and the inmates were thriving!
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Re: Good brands

Post by Jon_D »

the only food my Danioos seem to eat are the Flakes; I was originally concerned as I wasn't able to see then eating anything, and they didn't seem at all keen on looking for grub on the substrate
! My Guppies and Gouranmis eat anything which goes into the water... including my fingers.
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