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Food brands

Post by ivybell »

What is everyone's go to brand of food? Currently I feed a mix of flakes, bloodworm, daphnia, pellets and wafers from varies brands. Is one type of food better than the other?. Am I doing it right by given them a variety of food.
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RE: Food brands

Post by Annie »

Mixed foods are good, I use frozen bloods worms, mosquito and daphnia as well. Also veggie once a week, blanched crushed peas, courgette, peppers etc.
Our LFS stocks mostly JBL and their own brand but I stick to JBL, little more cost wise but think it’s better, might be wrong haha. I do know manufacturers do pack in stores own labels, so maybe I should rethink that haha.
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RE: Food brands

Post by Baddams »

I use good old Tetramin flakes, PaH own brand sinking pellets & tubifex cubes. JBL algae wafers and Tetra pasteurised sachets (bloodworm, daphnia & brine shrimp) as well as frozen bloodworm from PaH and peas/spinach/courgette etc.

I'm not that hung up on brands. I think as long as you're varying their diet (as per Annie) and mixing up the brands, then it won't be an issue.
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RE: Food brands

Post by Gingerlove05 »

New life spectrum pellets or the gamma blister packs for frozen :)
Vary it about, with fresh veg for my pleco :)
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RE: Food brands

Post by Jen1981 »

I use a mixture of fluval bugbites, hikari & frozen foods
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RE: Food brands

Post by stuaz »

I mix all the dry food into the a small tupperware tub and then feed from that so they get a selection each day. Then for the corys I put in specifically sinking protein pellets for them. I dont worry toooo much about brands but I tend to use NLS, Bugbites, Hikari and NT Labs and then some frozen foods which i can't recall the name.

For the shrimp only tanks they eat different types of food to the fish anyway but again I mix there dry foods which are a mixture of snowflake, pollen, algae pellets, dried nettles etc and then alternative between that and fresh veg, but they only get fed every other day.

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