Filter Foams

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Filter Foams

Post by James »


My local supplier is out of stock on Juwel fine filters. Would I be able to just buy a Nitrax one instead and leave it in long term? Or are they not suitable to be left in long term?

For what it's worth the standard blue foams have been in years without hassle.


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Re: Filter Foams

Post by plankton »

You can get them online.
The Nitrax isn't fine enough to do the job.
As a maybe helpful hint, I don't replace mine every week, but rinse them clean in the old tankwater. The longest I've made a Juwel one last is 18 months. ;)

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Re: Filter Foams

Post by fr499y »

I find it cheaper and easier to buy foam filter sheets and cut them to size. You might need to stack 2 on top of each other to get the height of a juwel sponge, but a lot cheaper!

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Re: Filter Foams

Post by Martinspuddle »

Pond filter foam, large sheets, different grades and quite cheap on ebay. :]
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Re: Filter Foams

Post by Last Triumph »

Yes, pond filter sheets cut to size and layered as required.

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