Jd blister?

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Re: Jd blister?

Post by Scott.turner28 »

Some proper treatment lol good advice. I have about 5-600 quids worth of fish of course i would get proper treatment had i known what it was. I did some research and went with nt labs white spot and fungus treatment, along side melafix as already started that. And seems to be doing the job. Went and bought a 60l just for the purpose of treating her properly.. please dont get it twisted i wouldnt buy fish and spend around 10 hrs a week on them if i wasnt going to look after them properly. Thanks for help everyone though spots are smaller and fading.

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Re: Jd blister?

Post by Ric »

Good to know you've found a combination of treatments that work. As you know, the main problem is getting the diagnosis right, as there are so many diseases which sometimes present in a similar manner at first.
Hope it continues to heal and that it does not return (or on any of your other fish). :)

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Re: Jd blister?

Post by plankton »

Hope it continues to recover.
(By the way, I think that F3l1ss meant proper meds which is why she said Esha or Waterlife. It wasn't about your treatment of the fish ;) )

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Re: Jd blister?

Post by F3l1ss »

Yup sorry! I wasn't saying you weren't treating them right, I just don't believe melafix/pimafix do much compared to esha/waterlife treatments.
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