My angel femele need help

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My angel femele need help

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Hi, for a few days my Angel female act verry weird  and it.s definitely something wrong with her. She swim chaotic and  most of the time head up. She prefer to spend all day over the bubble stone floating except the feeding time when she become active but now as before. I really don.t know what happened as there are no changes to the tank in the last few months and there are no signs on the body ( spots, fungus, different colour)  except her belly that have a "S" shape. I couldn't find anything online describing this anomaly.
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RE: My angel femele need help

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Your link doesn't work, but try starving for a couple of days just in case the digestive system needs a rest. If she's bloated at all (and thereby out of shape) then the stomach will be squashing the swim bladder.
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