South American puffers...

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South American puffers...

Post by MozNE »

Hi folks,
I'm in the process of setting up a 180 g tank, I've decided on buying a small tank 3ft or so to use as a sump if I don't get my A.P.S ef2000.

I've decided on buying some South American Puffers I'm think maybe 10 of them alongside 10-15 Corydora and maybe 50 neon Tetra and possibly transfer my sail fin Pleco.

From a few people I've spoken to this seems like a good option as I love puffers but don't want to have a species only tank and the SAP are supposed to be the most friendly on the whole.

I understand that usually these puffers in the wild will school, and they are best off with around 8-10 gallons of space each. So they should only take up 80-100 gallons worth of space leaving me with 100 gallons to occupy without intruding too much into the puffers space.
Has anyone tried something similar?
Will this much space have a reasonable chance for everyone to remain peaceful and safe?

What would others have in a tank this size?

Puffers are a certainty, what non puffer tank mates would you have?

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Re: South American puffers...

Post by plankton »

That's a nice big tank, what are the dimensions?
It's quite possible that there will be enough space, but I'm never sure with puffers and other free-swimming fish, but it could work in a big tank.

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