Bolivian rams and snails

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Bolivian rams and snails

Post by Blockhead »

Hi. Just wondering. Would Bolivian rams be ok with mystery snails? Is there a snail they could live with?

Does the Mystery snail clean algae better than the Malaysian trumpet snail?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Dominic :D

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Re: Bolivian rams and snails

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Rams and snails are ok together, some loaches and assassins snails are the main predators for snails as far as im aware.

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Re: Bolivian rams and snails

Post by Martinspuddle »

Malaysian Trumpet snails are good for keeping a sand substrate clean, you'll find they bury themselves during the day. It is said because of their borrowing in the sand it prevents anaerobic gas building up in the substrate.

I will warn you they are a breeding nuisance, once established you'll find that if you shine a torch into your tank at night the glass, substrate, plants, rocks and wood will be covered in them, there will be hundreds of them.

Personally while I found they were a reasonably good algae eaters they are also very good at decimating delicate plants at night.
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Re: Bolivian rams and snails

Post by plankton »

Mystery snails are pretty big, they are closely related to Apple snails I think.
They are possibly more likely to eat plants than MTS, my MTS (and I have hundreds, maybe thousands) only eat dying plants.

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