Fungus or Columnaris?

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Re: Fungus or Columnaris?

Post by plankton »

Sorry for all your losses - it's always nasty when a new something brings a pathogen in. :(
Give it at least 6 weeks after it all stops before getting new stock, and definitely consider a q-tank.
Twice I lost a whole tank of fish before investing in a small q-tank.

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Re: Fungus or Columnaris?

Post by Ric »

So sorry for all the losses. Goodness knows, you've certainly tried and tried again to treat them.

Did you ever have a chance to contact the supplier/retailer of the red eyes to find out whether they had similar issues or managed to determine what the disease was?

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Re: Fungus or Columnaris?

Post by Louchy »

Thanks again, I would love a Q tank, but unfortunately don’t have the space.

With a wife that has OCD it’s difficult to add anything to the house unless it has a ‘proper place’!

I haven’t asked Maidenhead Aquatics if they had any other reports, I normally buy from a LFS which is nearby and they are much easier to speak to. MA seems to have lots of staff and they are all too busy to talk!

I’ll obviously be keeping an eye on the remaining stock and will leave at least a few month before adding anything.

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