Yes or No?

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Re: Yes or No?

Post by PaulVerrall »

plankton wrote:
Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:14 am
I'm going to expect problems if you put another grumpy fish in there, whether they breed or not - didn't you just lose one of the parrots because they ganged up on it?
They are all tough fish as well, I would expect the divider to get wrecked......
Get a small tank of guppies for the wife. ;) :D
Didn't lose him, they all ganged up, to a point where I was going to have to do something then all of a sudden the bullied paired up with the main aggressor and are defending a cave together. Fickle fish!!!
But I think you are right, I'm very wary of the aggressive nature of the fish I have and that it's finally balanced at the moment, so don't want to tip it over.
In an ideal world I'd buy the same tank as I have, but maybe a 3 ft smaller version, have a male in it and just let females visit from time to time

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