Juwel Rio 125L tank in Glasgow

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Caol Ila
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Juwel Rio 125L tank in Glasgow

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I upgraded to a 240L, so now the 125L is on the market.  Comes with the cabinet, an LED light, and a Fluval 306 filter.  The filter will need the media replaced, as it was a marine filter (came with the 240L, which has now got my original 307), but everything is in working order. 



Fluval Roma 240

6 rummy nose tetras
5 false julii corydoras
5 black phantom tetras
8 harlequin rasboras
1 Bolivian ram
1 striped raphael catfish
1 albino longfin bristlenose pleco

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Re: Juwel Rio 125L tank in Glasgow

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Love that slate cave where did you get that?

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