Fishtank neccessities

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Fishtank neccessities

Post by Exotica »

I've never had an aquarium before so I'm a bit lost, I have one that's about 28 gallons that I bought. What exactly do I need for it, I know I need a filter and oxygenator and decorations and gravel. What else do I need? What size filter should I get and to fill it can I use regular tap water? Thanks :)

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Re: Fishtank neccessities

Post by Gingerlove05 »

Hello and welcome :)
I would recommend aquarium sand over gravel as gravel can be rough on bottom dwelling fish when they dig around.
You can use regular tap water to fill the tank but you will want to use a conditioner/dechlorinator to remove the chlorine. A good one is seachem prime, it may seem expensive but it’s concentrated so you dont need a lot of it, its also handy in emergencies :)
Here’s a link to a guide to starting a new tank that might help:

If you have any other questions just ask we’re more than happy to help :)

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Re: Fishtank neccessities

Post by plankton »

What Iain said....
Also, the filter should oxygenate as well, so you don't need another airpump as well. I don't use them.

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Re: Fishtank neccessities

Post by Ruth »

A wee stick on thermometer so u can keep an eye on your temp! (Assuming you are going tropical...)

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