Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

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Re: Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

Post by robbo81 »

Annie wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:56 am
I know you have a lot of snails and I would use an Assassin, but maybe best just to get one , the reason I say this we have two in our large tank and they have bred and have about 15 baby assassin, which of course will breed too.
I have separated the parents but now have the problem of too many baby assassin :D
You can’t tell which is a male or female either.
I’ve just got back from the aquatics place I use . I got 2 assassins , he said same as you that these may breed but not at the rate the others do thankfully. I’ll see how I get on.

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Re: Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

Post by Ric »

I wouldn't worry too much about the assassins breeding. Those you could easily collect and sell on, if it came to that. At the moment you want to get your MTS under control so I'd happily put 5-8 in the tank to make a good start. Particularly because you said the MTS have already gone so much out of control. They're a nice snail and useful but they do take over...

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Re: Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

Post by Suse »

I struggled with mini Ramshorn snails for about a year. I had hundreds and hundreds of them. Assassins didn't touch them, though I've heard they are too small for assassins to get "into" so maybe that was the issue. Eventually I used Esha Gastropex and it worked brilliantly. I have now been snail-free for over 6 months, touch wood. I did have to use it a few more times than directed (you're supposed to do it 3 days in a row, then 3 days again after 2 weeks; I added a few drops every 2 weeks until they had all gone). But you only need a tiny amount so one £5 bottle cleared my whole 240l tank. Fish were completely unaffected and for some reason, the otos seemed to love it.

It says on the instructions that it's shrimp safe, but I can't vouch for this as I didn't have shrimp.

It will kill all snails, even the ones you want, and seems to last a long time. I put my horned nerite back in several weeks after the last use and he died :( So don't use if you're planning to have snails in the near future.

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Re: Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

Post by Baddams »

I'm an Assassin fan. Usual story - a few small pest snails or eggs came in on some plants (I assume) and he next thing there are hundreds.
Got three Assassins for my 240 litre and, within about a week, they'd wiped out most of them.
I still get the odd tiddler, but nowhere near the numbers I had and they're certainly not increasing.

'A dead assassin snail gives off an unmistakable odour'. Very much this.
I lost one and made the mistake of giving it a sniff.

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Re: Please help with my Malaysian trumpet snail explosion

Post by fr499y »

Ooooft! I did that with a HUGEEEE apple snail. not a good experience lol

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