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Gold Gourami's

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Hi Guys,

New to the forum, I have just been reading posts for a while but thought I would try and hopefully get someone's insight on my Gourami's behavior. I have two Gold Giant Goruami and they are very peaceful fish but for some reason they spend all day hiding, only come out when my light goes in to it's sunset routine and they also have this really strange behavior where they will just bomb it round the tank with no regard for crashing in to things & try jumping out the tank?!

I have a 140l tank with plenty of plants and rocks so wouldn't have thought they would feel exposed. Any input or thoughts would be great.

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Re: Gold Gourami's

Post by plankton »

What else is in the tank?
What are your water parameters (ammonia/nitrite/nitrate/temp/ph/hardness (dGH preferably))?
What are the actual dimensions of this 140l, how long has it been set up and how did you cycle it?
Sorry, loads of questions, but we need them to start answering.
Pics of the two fish, and the whole tank, would also help. :)

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