My Betta is acting strange!

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My Betta is acting strange!

Post by PaulVerrall »

I have a Betta, not sure if it's male or female.

It's in a 250litre tank with 8 bronze corydoras. I swear it either thinks it's a catfish or its mimicking them all the time. Ignores the food I put in for him and dives to the bottom and shares the sunken tablet with the catfish in a group feeding session.

Is this odd behaviour? Or do Bettas do this sort of thing?

He swims in unison with the corys aswell, hangs around the bottom then darts to the top with them

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Re: My Betta is acting strange!

Post by fr499y »

The thing with betta's is they all act differently. Think of them like a puppy, no 2 will act the same and will have their own little quirks. Mine spends all his time chilling under the crypts and only comes out to grab a few pellets from the bottom.

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Re: My Betta is acting strange!

Post by mikeyw64 »

maybe he thinks they're his harem :D

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Re: My Betta is acting strange!

Post by plankton »

Pics please and we'll let you know (hopefully) if it's male or female.
They can be one of the most amusing fish (besides corys) to keep. :)

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