Hatchery contents suggestions

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Hatchery contents suggestions

Post by Maz »

Hi, I have platys fry in a hatchery (attached to inside wall of main tank). Age of fry is 3 weeks approx. At the moment the hatchery is bare. Do I need to put some plants, gravel etc in there, e.g. in preparation for eventually releasing fry into the main tank?
Any advice welcome. Thanks

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Re: Hatchery contents suggestions

Post by black ghost »

I’d put a bunch of plants in it for Now, rather than leave them with no cover till they go into the main tank.

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Re: Hatchery contents suggestions

Post by Gingerlove05 »

I agree, I normally put a small java fern or two or soem floating plants in just to give some cover and help calm them down. It will also help with any potential toxins and oxygenation in the hatchery.

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